May 27, 2023

Modern social and economic issues are often overlooked by for profit corporate organizations. While non-profit organizations struggle to address these same issues without the support of a few wealthy benefactors. We believe that technology can be both free and profitable if you remove the influence of corporate greed.

Rarity Labs is a technology incubator founded in 2012 by Joseph Jankowski, Julia Karl, and Andrew Nelson to meet that mission. We do not have voting corporate backers, or a for profit motivation, we just want to make a living improving the human race. Feeling the innovation stagnation of corporate American we have joined together to develop elements of technology that will make the world a better place.

Rarity Labs is also actively looking to develop new ideas, which can be submitted via e-mail. Drop us a line at info(at) with your idea and we will contact you if we want to develop it. Please ensure that your idea can be shared freely before you disclose it to our team.

We are also creating a maker/hacker space in the South Bay of Los Angeles, so be on the lookout for more details over the next few weeks. This area is filled with engineers, but the nearest spaces are a quite a long drive. The South Bay needs a place where we can introduce our children to STEM when it will have the greatest impact on their lives.

Thanks and please enjoy our site!